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Plastic Extrusion Line

Plastic Extrusion Line Manufacturer

Plastic extrusion line, as the name implies, is a machinery and equipment specialized in the production of various plastic products, which belongs to a large category of plastic machinery and equipment. Common components are: automatic feeding and mixing system, extruder, die head, shaping cooling system, tractor, cutting device, winding device or stacker. The whole line is fundermental and very efficient.

Types of Plastic Extrusion Line For Sale

What is Extrusion Line? 

The plastic extrusion line is a mass production process in which the raw material plastic is melted and formed into a continuous contour. Extruded items include pipes, weather strips, window frames, plastic sheeting, tape and wire insulation. Our company is a very good extruder line manufacturer, we have many extrusion line factories. We are proud to have a complete plastic sheet extrusion production line, plastic pipe extrusion production line, plastic profile extrusion production line and wood plastic extrusion line. Our engineers and technicians use their expertise and development techniques to adapt to the latest plastic extruders in the rapidly changing market. 


Processing of Plastic Extrusion Line

At the beginning, small plastic particles are put into the hopper placed on top of the barrel. The barrel is a heating hollow cylinder, a bit like a very thick tube. The screw type screw rotates inside the barrel. The rotation of the screw brings and pushes the plastic particles into the barrel. When the pill moves to the front end of the cylinder, the friction and electric heat of the cylinder will melt the plastic.

After the plastic melts, the rotating screw continues to act as a pump and forces the molten plastic through the mold. The mold is usually a piece of steel with the desired part shape. Once the melted plastic leaves the mold, it will be shaped like a finished product. Next, pull it through some kind of cooling device, usually using air or water for cooling. After cooling, the product can be rolled up, cut into sections, packaged or subjected to secondary operations.

How do Plastic Extruders Work

The principle of plastic extrusion line: Plastic pellets(eg.PE PP,PVC, PA, EVA) firstly come through hopper. Under the power system, heating, melting the pellets,pressing, screw' s rotation, then generate shear heat, pass the barrel channel, reach screen pack, the products are extruded. This is done by extrusion line machine. The shape is variable according to different mould. This will be finished during plastic production line. We can also mix color depending on different requirement. General includes standard pipe, sheet,board, profile and different shape's ones.

The Main Advantages of Plastic Extrusion Line

The Main Advantages of Plastic Extrusion Line
  • 1
    Easy to operate

    Electric control or PLC panel control is adopted in the production line

  • 2
    Long service life

    Most of the equipment is hot-dip galvanized and stainless steel structure

  • 3
    Precision control system

    The production line USES imported high quality electrical components

  • 4
    Efficient production efficiency

    Production line using advanced technology and more prominent production process

  • 5
    High-quality pre-sales and after-sales service

    rom machine production to installation, in strict accordance with customer requirements

FAQs of Plastic Extrusion Line


What's the production process of plastic extrusion line?

  1. Raw material mixing: The automatic feeding and mixing system can accurately complete the feeding, weighing, and mixing processes, which replaces the traditional manual feeding and improves accuracy. After mixing, the materials can be added to the hopper of the extruder after they are cooled to a certain temperature.

  2. Extrusion of plastic pipe products: The screw rotates in the barrel, and the mixture is plasticized and pushed to the machine head. After compacting, melting, mixing and other procedures, the purpose of exhausting dehydration is realized, and then it is extruded through the die forming.

  3. Vacuum shaping: the vacuum shaping water tank is used for pipe shaping and cooling.

  4. Traction: Continuously and automatically haul out the shaped and cooled pipe.

  5. Cutting: According to the length set in advance, it can realize automatic fixed-length cutting. 6. Rewinding or stacker: equipped with automatic unloading device, greatly reducing manual labor.


What is an extrusion line?


A sheet extrusion line consists of an Extruder (single or twin screw), equipped with a Screen Changer and a Gear Pump, followed by a Static Mixer (sometimes feeding a Coextrusion Feedblock that is preceded by one or more additional extruders sets as described above), feeding a flat sheet die.


What is plastic extrusion?


Plastic extrusion is a continuous process in which solid plastic pellets or powder are melted into an homogeneous mass through a combination of applied heat and friction heat generated by the extrusion screw or screws transporting the material through a barrel. The mass or polymer melt is pushed through an extrusion die to produce a shape, tube or sheet. The extrudate is then cooled by various means into its final form and cut to length using various cut-off devices.


What is extrusion tooling?


Extrusion tooling costs of a die, downstream calibration, and fabrication equipment. Molten plastic enters the die at an enlarged opening that gradually narrows (much like a funnel) as the plastic nears the exit point of the die. Next, the plastic passes through a series of sizes that hold the plastic in shape until it has cooled. The shape is cut to length with a cutter or saw. Fabrication equipment, including punches or embossing rolls, can be used during this process to finish the product.


What Is Your Standard Stock Extrusion Length?


Most stock extrusions are available in 96' lengths but we will also cut to size.


Are you trading company?


No. We are a factory, we are the source. 

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