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How to Identify the Quality of the Pipes Produced by the PVC Pipe Production Line?

How to Identify the Quality of the Pipes Produced by the PVC Pipe Production Line?

The PVC pipe production line is equipped with a quantitative feeding device, so that the extrusion amount and the feeding amount can be matched to ensure the stable extrusion of the product. MPP power pipe equipment, PE water supply pipe is made of special polyethylene as raw material and is extruded by a plastic extruder at one time. It is used in urban water supply pipe network, irrigation and water diversion projects and agricultural sprinkling irrigation projects, especially suitable for plastics pipes in acid and alkali resistant and corrosion-resistant environments.

1. The plastic pipe production equipment of PVC pipe production line boasts corrosion resistance

Polyethylene is an inert material. Except for a few strong oxidants, it is resistant to erosion by various chemical media, and it has no electrochemical corrosion, and does not require an anti-corrosion layer.

Due to the characteristics of the conical screw, the feeding section has a larger diameter, and the heat transfer area and shear speed of the material are relatively large, which is conducive to the plasticization of the material, and the screw diameter of the metering section is small, which minimizes the heat transfer area and the shear rate of the melt, so that the melt can be extruded at a lower temperature.

When the screw rotates in the barrel, the mixture of PVC pipe making line is plasticized and pushed to the machine head, so as to achieve compaction, melting, mixing and homogenization; and achieve the purpose of exhausting and dehydrating. The feeding device and screw drive device adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, which can realize synchronous speed regulation.

2. What should you check for the extrusion part of the PVC pipe production line?

(1) First of all, we use the naked eye to see the surface finish and whiteness of the PVC pipe production line. The plastic pipe extrusion line is easy to connect: Polyethylene pipes mainly adopt the method of hot melt connection and electrofusion connection to integrate the piping system.

It has good resistance to water hammer pressure, and the welded joint integrated with the pipe and the polyethylene pipe have effective resistance to underground movement and end load, which greatly improves the safety and reliability of water supply and improves the utilization rate of water.

(2) Take the sample and step on the edge of the pipe to see if it can be cracked, or see the elongation at break after cracking.

(3) Take the sample and drop it. Those which are easy to break are generally high-calcium products. Of course, it can be used if it has a reasonable price.

(4) It is very troublesome to test the weather resistance. The most direct way is to put it in a place with high temperature and high light for a few days to see the surface change rate, but it is a waste of time.

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