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Plastic Profile Extrusion Line

Plastic Profile Extrusion Line

Plastic profile extrusion line is mainly used in PVC door & window profile, wide door board, window board extrusion of the multi-holes tube for passing through lines ( four holes, six holes, seven holes, nine holes etc). For different sectional surface and die head, twin parallel (conical) screw extruder of different specifications can be chosen together with the corresponding vacuum calibrating table, haul-off unit, cutting unit, tilter etc.

Plastic Profile Extrusion Line List

Benefits of Plastic Profile Extrusion Process

Plastic profile extrusion line is feasible for companies of all sizes and has the following advantages:

1.Reduce costs and improve efficiency

The ability to extrude large quantities of plastic products can make the production process more efficient and cost-effective, while still providing customers with the same quality products.

2.Environmentally friendly

Plastic design and manufacturing have seized every opportunity to adopt sustainable development methods to help prevent unnecessary waste of resources. Usually, plastic companies discard large amounts of leftover materials.


The plastic profile extrusion process will produce complex shapes and produce different thickness, hardness, size, color and texture.

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