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Product Process Advantages of PVC Pipe Production Line

Product Process Advantages of PVC Pipe Production Line

1. PVC pipe production line pipes are non-toxic and hygienic

The pipe material is non-toxic, a green building material, non-corrosive, and non-scaling (a chemical legacy).

2. PVC production line pipes are resistant to corrosion and erosion

Polyethylene is an inert material, resistant to a wide range of chemical media except for a few strong oxidising agents, without electrochemical corrosion and the need for an anti-corrosion layer.

3. Convenient connection of PVC pipe production line pipes

Polyethylene pipes are mainly connected by hot fusion and electrofusion to integrate the piping system.

PVC pipe production line adopts a specially designed vacuum sizing box with multi-stage vacuum control to ensure the dimensional stability and roundness of HDPE and PE pipes. Extruders and haul-off machines are driven and controlled by high-quality speed regulators for good stability, high precision, and reliability.

Plastic pipe production equipment due to PE pipe using hot fusion, electric fusion connection, to achieve the integration of the interface and pipe, and can effectively resist the pressure generated by the ring stress and axial impact stress, and PE pipe does not add heavy metal salt stabilizer, the material is non-toxic, non-scaling, do not breed bacteria, to avoid the secondary pollution of drinking water.

The PVC production line uses a proprietary technology sizing and cooling system with water film lubrication and water ring type cooling to suit the requirements of HDPE and PE materials, ensuring stable diameter and roundness when producing thick walls pipes at high speed. Good resistance to water hammer (also known as water strike) pressure, integrated fusion joints with the pipe, and effective resistance of the PE pipe to underground movement and end loads greatly improve the safety and reliability of the water supply and increase water utilization.

4. Small flow resistance of PVC pipe production line pipes

The absolute roughness coefficient of the inner wall of the polyethylene water supply pipe does not exceed 0.01, which can effectively reduce the water supply consumption.

5. High toughness of PVC pipe production line pipes

Polyethylene water supply pipe is a high toughness pipe, its elongation at break is generally more than 500%, the adaptability to uneven settlement of the pipe base is very strong, is a kind of excellent seismic performance of the pipe.

6. Excellent winding properties of PVC pipe production line pipes

The winding nature of polyethylene pipe allows polyethylene water pipes to be coiled and supplied in longer lengths, avoiding the need for a large number of joints and fittings and increasing the economic value of the material for pipelines.

7. PVC pipe production line pipe long service life: polyethylene pressure pipe safe service life of more than fifty years.

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