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PVC Pipe Production Line Can Not Be Separated from the Sizing Device

PVC Pipe Production Line Can Not Be Separated from the Sizing Device

One of the essential aspects of the PVC pipe production line is how to use the sizing device correctly. The pipe production line uses a special pipe high-efficiency extruder with a screw with barrier and mixing head structure and a new slotted barrel for good plasticizing and mixing effect, high and very stable extrusion. The molten PVC pipe blanks leaving the head must be cooled and cured before they can transmit traction and be molded into PVC pipes. To have the correct geometry, size, and intact surface smoothness, a sizing device should be used.

Ⅰ. There are two methods of sizing PVC pipe production lines

ID sizing method and OD sizing method. The corrosion resistance of plastic pipe production equipment: PE is an inert material, resistant to a wide range of chemical media except for a few strong oxidising agents, no electrochemical corrosion, and no need for an anti-corrosion layer.

The so-called inner diameter sizing method is a sizing device that controls the inner diameter size and roundness of the PVC pipe so that the molten pipe billet is wrapped tightly around the outer surface of the sizing sleeve to cool and harden.

The outer diameter sizing method is where the sizing device controls the outer diameter size and roundness of the PVC line pipe in the PVC production line. As ISO standards, European standards, and Chinese national standards for PVC pipe specification series are determined according to the outer diameter.

Therefore, in general, PVC pipe lines use the OD sizing process for pipe production and ID sizing is only used in some special cases.

The outer diameter sizing process can usually be divided into two categories: pressure sizing and vacuum sizing.

Compared with pressure setting. Plastic pipe production equipment due to the pipe using hot fusion, electric fusion connection, to achieve the integration of the interface and pipe, and can effectively resist the pressure generated by the ring stress and axial impact stress, and the pipe does not add heavy metal salt stabilizer, the material is non-toxic, do not scale, do not breed bacteria, to avoid the secondary pollution of drinking water.

Ⅱ. The vacuum outside diameter sizing of PVC pipe production lines has several advantages

1. Simple and fast tube introduction, less waste.

2. Air flows freely in the PVC tube during vacuum shaping; good cooling effect on the inner wall of the tube.

3. Better control of dimensional tolerance.

4. The pipe billet is in a plasticized state at the exit of the machine head, with almost no deformation.

5. Low internal stress in the pipe of PVC pipe production line.

6. No danger of being torn by the screw plug.

7. No production stoppage due to wear of the screw plug.

8. The head mouth mold and the vacuum shaping device are both separated because the temperature can be controlled separately.

What is a sizing sleeve? PVC pipe sizing sleeve, sizing sleeve is the most common sizing element. Sizing sleeves are tubular and are made of brass, copper-beryllium alloy, or aluminium (Al). Although aluminium has good heat transfer properties, it is easily damaged. Some sizing sleeves are made by first making several rings from sheets or blocks and then forming a tube, but most sizing sleeves are machined from tubular material.

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