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Cooling and Traction Device of Pipe Extrusion Line

Cooling and Traction Device of Pipe Extrusion Line

Plastic pipe production equipment is composed of control system, extruder, machine head, shaping cooling system, tractor, planetary cutting device and turning frame.

Ⅰ. Cooling device of the pipe extrusion line

The function of the cooling device is to cool the shaped pipe to room temperature or close to room temperature, so that the pipe maintains the shape.

There are two cooling methods for the pipes of the pipe extrusion line: one is the immersion bath type, which is mostly used for small diameter pipes; the other is the spray type, which is used for large diameter pipes.

1. Immersion bath cooling device

The immersion cooling device is composed of a water tank, a support frame, an inlet and outlet pipe, a partition, and a sealing rubber ring. In order to make the water temperature have a certain gradient along the pipe advancing direction of the pipe extrusion production line, the water tank is separated by several partitions. Keep a certain water level in the cooling water tank, and keep a certain water temperature through circulating water. The two ends of the water tank are sealed with rubber rings, and the center of the rubber ring has a hole, which can not only pass through the pipe but also avoid the outflow of water.

2. Spray cooling device

The spray-type cooling device is mainly composed of a water tank, a spray head, a support frame, and a tank cover. Its structure is similar to that of the immersion bath type. The difference is that a water spray head installed evenly along the circumference of the pipe is set in the water tank to spray water or mist against the pipe of the plastic pipe production line to cool the pipe. In comparison, the spray has a better cooling effect than water spray, because the spray head makes water form particles in the air, which evaporates when it comes in contact with the pipe, taking away a lot of heat, thereby greatly improving the cooling effect and uniformity.

Ⅱ. The traction device of the pipe extrusion line

The function of the traction device is to overcome various frictional resistances caused by the pipe cooling and sizing and other devices, to pull the pipe forward at a uniform speed, and to adjust the traction speed to adapt to pipes with different wall thicknesses. For this reason, the transmission of the traction device should be a transmission system with stepless speed regulation and a large speed range. There are currently three common traction devices:

1. Roller type traction device

It is mainly composed of rollers, frame, roller spacing adjustment mechanism and transmission device. You can check the roller type traction device of the PVC threading pipe double-out production line. Individually there are 2~5 pairs of traction rollers. Usually the lower roller is the driving roller and the upper roller is the driven wheel. In order to increase the traction friction, the lower driving wheel can also be rubber wheels.

2. Crawler traction device

It is mainly composed of adjusting hand wheel, track, frame and transmission system. Sprockets are arranged at both ends of each crawler belt of the crawler traction device of the pipe production line.

3. Rubber belt traction device

The rubber belt traction device of the pipe production line is composed of a rubber belt and its transmission device, etc. This device sets the cooling together, and is used for traction and cooling of hard pipes or hoses with a diameter of less than 25mm.

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