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PVC Wood-Plastics Composite Wallboard Production Line

PVC Wood-Plastics Composite Wallboard Production Line

PVC wood plastic composite wallboard is a kind of composite material which is sawdust, wood chips, such as low biomass fiber as the main raw materials, then mix plastics. It has the advantages of plant fiber and plastic but also solves the plastic, wood industry waste resources recycling problem. Due to wood plastic composite dual characteristic of both wood and plastics, it has the appearance of natural lumber, at the same time, with a hard, strong, durable and abrasion resistance, dimension stability, etc. And the application of various additives, and give it many special performances, in addition, it is also a kind of environmentally friendly materials, recyclable reuse, abundant and cheap raw material, it is in reducing environmental pollution, to protect forest resources, promote the economic development has a good benefit, thus it has received the attention of many researchers.


Characteristics Of PVC Wood-Plastics Composite Wallboard Production Line

1. Environmental protection

2. Waterproof, moistureproof, anticorrosive, mildew proof, mothproof, not deformation, not bibulous

3. Reasonable structure, high intensity, recyclable

4. Assemble structure, easy installation

5. Perfect heat preservation, sound insulation

6. Perfect flame retardant performance, easy to clean surface

7. Significant price advantage

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