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Characteristics of PE Pipe Extrusion Line and Analysis of Co-extrusion Marking Strips

Characteristics of PE Pipe Extrusion Line and Analysis of Co-extrusion Marking Strips

I. Special HDP is selected for PE pipe extrusion line

For the high-efficiency extruder of PP pipe, the screw adopts the structure with barrier and mixing head, and the barrel adopts a new slotted barrel, which has good plasticizing and mixing effect, large extrusion volume and is very firm.

1. The PE pipe extrusion line is HDP

The spiral die designed for PP large-diameter thick wall pipe has the characteristics of low melt temperature, good mixing function, low die cavity pressure and firm production.

2. PE pipe extrusion line adopts proprietary sizing and cooling system, and adopts water film lubrication and water ring cooling to adapt to HDP. PP material requirements ensure high-speed production. Thick walled pipe is the firmness of diameter and roundness.

3. PE pipe extrusion line adopts specially designed vacuum sizing box with multi-stage holding vacuum degree to guarantee HDP.

The size and roundness of PP pipe are firm. The extruder and tractor are controlled by the moving heel of imported famous brand governor, which has good firmness and high precision.

II. Co extrusion marking strip diffusion of PE pipe extrusion line

In some cases, it is caused by improper choice of coextrusion materials used by users. Special materials such as PE should be used, and the temperature of extrusion section can be reduced if necessary.

1. Co extrusion identification strip cannot be squeezed out: there is still no co extrusion identification strip 2 hours after startup, which is caused by the retreat of the screw of the co extruder; Remove the screw and retighten the screw.

2. Sometimes there is no identification strip of coextrusion machinet: in some cases, it is due to the uneven coextrusion and blanking at the blanking port of coextrusion machine. Check the water supply of the cooling water jacket at the blanking port and select the appropriate coextrusion particle size (individual request particle size)< Φ three × 3mm).

3. The coextrusion identification strip of PE pipe extrusion line is too thin or too wide: it is caused by the mismatch between the extrusion volume of coextrusion machine and the traction speed of pipe. The frequency converter of coextrusion machine shall be adjusted or the traction speed shall be changed to make the two speeds match; Secondly, it is caused by the lack of cooling water in the cooling water jacket of the blanking section of the coextrusion machine.

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