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Plastic Extruder Machine

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Are you still troubled because you can't find a suitable extruder manufacturer? Kailite Plastic Machinery is the one-stop supplier you need! For more than 16 years, we have been buying, storing and selling various types of plastic machinery, including all-plastic extruders and individual extruder parts.

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Types of Plastic Extruder Machine For Sale

Principle of Plastic Extruder Machine

The principle of the plastic extruder machine is to melt and plasticize solid plastic under the conditions of heating and screw rotation of the extruder, and form a continuous plastic product with the same cross-section and shape as the mold through a mold with a specific shape. Manufacturing materials of the China extruder machine mainly include carbon structural steel, alloy tools, etc. Some extrusion dies are also embedded with wear-resistant materials, such as diamond, which need to be wear-resistant.

The extrusion process is usually only suitable for the production of thermoplastic products, which are structurally different from injection molds and compression molds.

How does A Plastic Extruder Work?

The operation of the extruder machine may be complicated, but the whole process is relatively simple. The core of the extruder machine is a screw, sometimes called an auger. The screw is turned by the gearbox, and the gearbox is powered by an electric motor. It is enclosed in a closed heating barrel, which helps provide friction.

The thermoplastic pellets are transported to the extruder machine through the hopper. The hopper is located at the rear of the barrel/screw assembly, from where the pills fall into the barrel. As the screw rotates, it slowly drags the thermoplastic pellets forward. The frictional heat generated when the screw rotates inside the barrel and external heating can cause the plastic to melt as it moves forward in the barrel. The molten plastic is pushed into a section used to meter the plastic for use in the next stage of the process. It can also be pumped under pressure at this stage of the process.

The Main Advantages of Plastic Extruder Machine

The Main Advantages of Plastic Extruder Machine
  • 1
    High degree of automation

    Save labor cost greatly

  • 2
    Stable performance

    Can be able to carry out production smoothly

  • 3
    Large output

    Meet various production requirements and reduce time cost

  • 4
    High efficiency

    Reduce waste and increase profit margins

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