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Hoisting Safety Technical Measures for Extruder Line Equipment

Hoisting Safety Technical Measures for Extruder Line Equipment

The extruder line can produce plastic tubes, plates, sheets, films and some special-shaped materials. Common types include: pipe extrusion production line, plastic extrusion production line, wood-plastic extrusion production line, composite pipe complete extrusion production line, pelletizing extrusion production line, etc.

Ⅰ. Hoisting safety technical measures for extruder line

1. All personnel involved in lifting operations must have a job certificate and have undergone safety education and training.

2. Before the equipment is hoisted, the hoisting plan shall be clarified to the personnel involved in the operation, and records shall be made.

3. A clear division of labor should be carried out before the equipment of the extruder line is hoisted, and the personnel involved in the operation should be clear about their respective responsibilities and tasks.

4. Set up a warning area at the hoisting construction site, which is guarded by special personnel. Non-operating personnel are not allowed to enter. The construction commander and operation personnel shall wear marks.

5. The foundation of the crane station should be firm, and then pave steel plates to increase the force area of the outriggers to ensure the stability of the crane. The crane should be inspected and confirmed before entering the factory.

6. Perform safety inspections before hoisting operations. Check whether the crane legs are fully extended and securely, whether there are obstacles around them, whether the crane rigging and safety factors meet the requirements of the plan or measures, and whether the hoisting points are correct.

7. The equipment hoisting of the extruder line should be uniformly commanded to prevent misoperation.

8. The rigging used for equipment hoisting should be inspected before use. If it is damaged, it is strictly forbidden to use it.

9. Before the equipment is hoisted, a test hoist should be carried out. When the equipment is lifted 0.2 meters from the ground, a comprehensive inspection shall be carried out to confirm that there is no problem before the formal hoisting can be carried out.

10. Equipment hoisting is strictly prohibited for strong winds above level 5.

11. High-altitude workers must conduct physical examinations before construction.

12. Safety belts must be fastened for high-altitude operations. The safety belts should be fastened in a safe and reliable place, and they should be used high and low. During the hoisting operation, within the rotating range of the crane counterweight, under the mast and hanging objects, and near the stressed rigging, personnel and vehicles are not allowed to stay or pass.

Ⅱ. Main application of extruder line

Mainly used in the production of PVC, PC, PE and other plastic profile products. The production line consists of single screw plastic extruder, vacuum setting table, tractor, automatic cutting saw, material rack, etc.

Equipped with different molds, it can produce various plastic profiles, door and window profiles, container sealing strips, plates, bars, ceilings and other products. The production process of the extruder line is simple, with high output, stable quality and low cost.

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