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Analysis of Precautions and Equipment's Technical Advantages of Plastic Pipe Production Line

Analysis of Precautions and Equipment's Technical Advantages of Plastic Pipe Production Line

In plastic production machinery, plastic pipe production lines are the most common type of equipment that should be overhauled regularly during the process of use. What are the advantages of plastic pipe production line equipment in terms of production techniques? Let's take a look!

Ⅰ. What are the precautions when overhauling the plastic pipe production line?

1. Check the ground connection of the plastic pipe production line regularly, and the insulation of the electrical components, and the aging of the wires.

2. Check the sturdiness of the lubrication system of the plastic pipe production line regularly, and lubricate the moving parts according to the regulations, and check whether the oil quantity of the lubrication pump oil tank and the oil tank of the machine base is sufficient.

3. Check whether the plastic pipe production line machine insurance device is effective, especially after changing the mold to check whether the mechanical insurance made the corresponding transfer.

4. Check the condition of the oil filter or filler of the plastic pipe production line regularly, timely washing and replacement, and often pay attention to whether the oil quality is polluted or deteriorated. When the hydraulic oil becomes black-brown odor, is the oxidation of deterioration, should be updated as soon as possible; when the hydraulic oil has small freckles or transparent points, indicating that there are impurities or metal powder mixed in, should be filtered or changed.

Ⅱ. What are the technical advantages of plastic pipe production line equipment?

1. The active control system directly take microcomputer control, the system is intuitive and convenient, take the human-machine dialogue, convenient to achieve its process premise control and adjustment. The outer covering extrusion and traction achieving synchronous speed regulation to ensure the production process of solid and production quality. The whole system is fully integrated with the latest and optimal system design concept.

2. The plastic pipe equipment is the most characteristic part of the pipe extrusion line, it will be mechanical roll forming techniques, pneumatic control techniques, and the correct dynamic temperature control techniques fully combined, cladding aluminum equipment can be opened and stopped, the same production line a line of two uses, can produce all plastic pipe, the lowest economic input to bring the maximum market output.

3. Adopt high-efficiency plastic pipe equipment to ensure high quality and high efficiency of extrusion; basket type compound head is not affected by the change of material viscosity, low pressure of die head, still keep low melt temperature under high extrusion volume, adopt multi-stage vacuum sizing and optimized spraying design to ensure fast and even cooling of preserved material; low noise, strong chip absorption, and cutting system.

4. The equipment of the plastic pipe production line realizes automatic control of the whole process and stepless temperature adjustment. The high-precision heating and bonding electromechanical system guarantees the bonding strength, and the molding system can produce multi-specification pipes without adjustment, and the operation is very simple.

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