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Solutions to the Groove Marks and Surface Roughness of the Plastic Pipe Production Line

Solutions to the Groove Marks and Surface Roughness of the Plastic Pipe Production Line

Ⅰ. Solutions to groove marks on plastic pipe production line

Adjust the nozzle angle in the vacuum shaping box to make the pipes of the pipe production line cool evenly. Check the sizing sleeve, cutting machine, die and other hardware for burrs and debris. Adjust the water outlet pressure of the sizing sleeve, and the water output needs to be balanced.

Ⅱ. Solutions to the rough surface of the plastic pipe production line

Adjust the inlet water flow rate of the sizing sleeve; adjust the process temperature: drop the cooling water temperature (the best cooling water temperature for the PE pipe is 20-25 ℃); check whether the water circuit is blocked or the water pressure is insufficient; check the barrel and head of the heating ring for damage; consult the raw material supplier for the parameters of this batch of raw materials; check the mold core temperature, if it is higher than the die section temperature, lower the core temperature; clean the mold.

1. Take a pipe sample and step on the edge of the pipe production line with your foot to see if it can crack or the elongation at break after cracking. Plastic pipe production equipment is composed of control system, extruder, die head, shaping cooling system, tractor, planetary cutting device and turning frame.

2. Look at the surface whiteness and finish. As an important part of chemical building materials, the plastic pipe production line is widely accepted by users for its superior performance, hygiene, environmental protection, and low consumption. It mainly includes UPVC drainage pipes, UPVC water supply pipes, aluminum-plastic composite pipes, and polyethylene water supply pipes. These kinds.

3. It is troublesome to check weather resistance. The most direct way is to put it in a place with high temperature and high light for a period of time to see the surface change rate. But this is a waste of time.

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