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Product Process Advantages of PE Pipe Extrusion Line

Product Process Advantages of PE Pipe Extrusion Line

1. PE pipe extrusion line is non-toxic and hygienic: 

The pipe material is non-toxic which is a green building material without corruption and scaling.

2. Corrosion resistance of PE pipe extrusion line: 

Polyethylene is inert material. Except for a few strong oxidants, it can resist the erosion of a variety of chemical media without electrochemical corrosion, which does not need anti-corrosion coating.

As an important part of chemical building materials, plastic pipe extrusion line is widely accepted by the majority of users for its superior performance, sanitation, environmental protection and low consumption, mainly including UPVC drainage pipe, UPVC water supply pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe and polyethylene water supply pipe.

The production equipment of plastic pipe extrusion line is composed of control system, extruder, head, shaping cooling system, tractor, planetary cutting device and turnover frame.

3. The connection of PE pipe extrusion line is simple: 

Polyethylene pipes mainly adopt hot-melt connection and electric fusion connection to integrate the pipeline system. It has good resistance to water hammer pressure and effective resistance of welded joints and polyethylene pipes integrated with pipes to underground activities and end loads, which greatly improves the insurance firmness of water supply and the utilization rate of incoming water.

4. The flow resistance of PE pipe extrusion line is small: 

The absolute roughness coefficient of the inner wall of polyethylene water supply pipe does not exceed 0.01, which can effectively reduce the water supply consumption.

5. High toughness of PE pipe extrusion line: 

Polyethylene water supply pipeline is a kind of pipe with high toughness, and its elongation at break individually exceeds 500%. It has strong adaptability to uneven settlement of pipe foundation, which is a kind of pipeline with excellent seismic performance. The PE pipe extrusion line adopts the high-efficiency extruder for special HDPE and PP pipes, the screw adopts the structure with barrier and mixing head, and the barrel adopts the new slotted barrel, which has good plasticization and mixing effect, large extrusion capacity and is very stable.

6. Excellent winding of PE pipe extrusion line: 

The winding of polyethylene pipe makes it possible for polyethylene water supply pipe to be coiled. Supply with a longer length avoids a large number of joints and fittings, which increases the economic value of the data to the pipeline.

7. Long service life of PE pipe extrusion line: 

The insurance service life of polyethylene pressure pipeline is more than 50 years.

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