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How Does the PE Pipe Production Line Choose the Sizing Device?

How Does the PE Pipe Production Line Choose the Sizing Device?

The PE pipe leaves the die to melt the parison, and it is cooled and solidified to transfer the traction force and molded into a PE pipe.

Ⅰ. There are two sizing methods for pe pipe production line: inner sizing and outer sizing

The so-called inner diameter forming method is to use the diameter fixing device to hold the diameter, size and roundness of the pe tube, so that the melting tube blank is tightly wrapped inside the diameter sleeve.

The plastic pipe production line and production equipment consist of a control system, an extruder, a die head, a shaping cooling system, a tractor, a planetary cutting device and a turning frame.

The outer diameter setting method is to control the outer diameter, size and roundness of the pipe through the diameter setting device. Because the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard, European standard and Chinese national standard have all set the standard series of PE pipe production lines that meet the outer diameter, the outer diameter setting process is individually adopted in the production of PE pipe production lines, and the inner diameter setting is only in some cases. Use in special cases. The outer diameter setting process can be divided into two categories: pressure setting and vacuum setting.

Ⅱ. Compared with the pressure setting. The outer diameter of the vacuum forming of the pe pipe production line has the following advantages:

1. The pipeline is simple and fast, and the waste is less.

2. During vacuum solidification, the air in the PE pipe flows freely, and the cooling effect of the pipe wall is good.

3. Can better grasp the dimensional tolerance.

4. The outlet pipe is in a plasticized state and hardly deformed.

5. The internal stress of the polyethylene pipe is small.

6. There is a danger that the plug will not be torn open.

7. Because of the wear of the screw plug, the production will not end.

8. The two dies are separated from the vacuum setting device, because the temperature may need to be adjusted separately.

What is a calibration sleeve? Polyethylene tube calibration sleeve, calibration sleeve is the most common calibration element. The sizing sleeve of the pe pipe production line is tubular and made of brass, copper, beryllium alloy or aluminum. Aluminum has good heat transfer performance, but it is easily damaged. Some calibration sleeves are made of thin sheets or fast materials, and many rings then form a tube. However, most calibration sleeves are made of tubular material.

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