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Features and Uses of Pipe Extruder Line

Features and Uses of Pipe Extruder Line

Ⅰ. Features of pipe extruder line

The pipe extruder line is a new type of green pipe formed by extruding a composite anticorrosive, hygienic, non-toxic inner and outer plastic layer on the surface of the thin-wall welded pipe. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high pressure bearing, low fluid resistance, long service life, low cost, and wider application range.

Plastic pipe extruder line is mainly used for low-speed heavy cutting or high-speed light cutting, but also consider the rigidity of the CNC pipe extruder line, the self-protection device of the CNC pipe extruder line, and the tool magazine of the CNC pipe extruder line, control system of CNC pipe extruder line. As long as these five parts, users have to figure out all, so as to buy the company's pipe extruder line.

When the pipe extruder line is in use, a small amount of plastic residues will appear in key parts, such as the machine head, water tank, mold, and there will be residues in the mold and the machine head after molding to the shutdown process, so the first task after shutdown is to maintain these parts. When maintaining the equipment, be careful not to connect the equipment to the power supply. The power supply of the equipment must be disconnected to ensure the safety of the operators.

When the plastic pipe extruder line is maintained, brute force should not be used, and the rotating operation and cleaning should be carried out according to the principle of the equipment, and the dirt cannot be removed forcefully.

Ⅱ. Uses of pipe extruder line

1. Residential use: cold, hot water and heating for residences and villas.

2. Public buildings: water supply and floor radiant heating for public buildings such as office buildings, markets, theaters, and military camps.

3. Transportation facilities: piping for airports, passenger stations, parking lots, garages, and expressways.

4. For animals and plants: piping for zoos, botanical gardens, greenhouses, and chicken farms.

5. Sports facilities: cold and hot water pipes for swimming pools and saunas.

6. Sanitary use: piping for water supply pipes and hot water pipes.

7. Industrial water pipes.

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