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Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

1. The guaranteed period of uninterrupted and fault-free operation of each unit of the goods shall be 1 year from the commissioning date.

2. Warranty shall be valid only if the goods are used by qualified personnel and if the user performs routine maintenance on a timely basis and observes instructions and standards specified by the Seller.

3. The warranty shall not cover components and assemblies subject to increased wear and tear.

4. Should the Buyer encounter any defects during the warranty period, the Seller shall immediately, upon receipt of written claims from the Buyer, eliminate, at its own cost, the above defects by replacing a faulty part of the goods.

5. Upon the Seller's request, the replaced parts shall be returned to the Seller. Shipping cost and other expenses associated with the return or replacement of faulty components in the Buyer's country, the territory of transit and in the Seller's country shall be paid by the Seller.

6. The warranty period specified in this clause shall also apply to new parts supplied to replace 

7. The warranty period specified in this clause shall also apply to new parts supplied to replace defective components. The start date of the warranty period for the above parts shall be the date of their delivery.

8. Should the Seller fail to eliminate the defects within one (1) month from the Buyer's claim, the Buyer may eliminate the above defects at the Seller's cost. In this case, the Seller shall pay a regular cost of a replaced part.

9. The Seller shall not be liable for any expenses and damage incurred by the Buyer as a result of the downtime of the goods associated with repair or visit of the Seller's technical personnel caused by improper use of the goods. The Seller shall not reimburse or compensate the Buyer for any direct or indirect damage to property or personnel resulting from any faults caused by improper use or presence of the supplied goods.