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No Chip Plastic Cutting Machine
No Chip Plastic Cutting Machine
No Chip Plastic Cutting Machine

No Chip Plastic Cutting Machine

Compared with the knife-up cutting machine, it has obvious advantages, no chips, no noise, low power, energy saving, no waste of raw materials, low cost and manual processing of burrs. It is the first choice for the upgrading of merchants' cutting equipment. The cut end of the pipe is smooth and vertical.


The parameter of No chip plastic cutting machine



Linear navigation

Motor power


Cutting pipe range

ø16, ø20, ø25, ø32, ø40, ø50, ø63mm PP/PPR/PE and other tubes

Cutting length

encoder counting system or travel switch

Inlet direction

from right to left

Central height


Cutting length error


Cutting wall thickness

PP/PE/PPR tube 6 mm

Cutting pipeline speed

≤15 m/min

Features of No chip plastic cutting machine

  1. The host is suitable for online cutting of PP, PE, PPR and other pipes. No sawdust is generated during the cutting process, and the end surface of the pipe is smooth and beautiful.

  2. The pipe chip-less cutting machine adopts a microcomputer for automatic control, so the production line is more reasonable and more perfect, which can display the counting and pushing time, and each process has time to complete, thus changing the previous number of electrical components and travel switches. , Easy to malfunction and other shortcomings.

  3. It has the characteristics of strong anti-interference, convenient adjustment, reliable performance and stable quality.

  4. The chip-less cutting machine is a new type of environmentally friendly plastic pipe cutting equipment developed by our company using advanced foreign technology. It is an upgraded product of the pipe cutting equipment. It is particularly suitable for cutting PPR, PE pipes and rubber pipes. It has the characteristics of no chip and high efficiency, smooth and smooth incision, less energy consumption, no pollution and so on.

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