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The Structure and Application of Plastic Extruder

The Structure and Application of Plastic Extruder

In reality, there are many kinds of plastic products that cannot be produced without plastic extruders. So how to make a plastic extruder? Plastic extruders play the role of extrusion molding in the production of plastic products. All these mentioned above have become the focus of everyone's attention.

The most common use of plastic extruders is to extrude plastic raw materials into plastic pellets. This type of plastic extruder is also called  plastic pelletizer.

In the manufacturing process, most plastic products will be manufactured with plastic pellets, so plastic extruders are widely used in the manufacturing of plastic products.

Regarding the composition of the plastic extruder, the components of any plastic extruder are roughly the same. Generally, a plastic extruder is composed of the feeding system, extruder barrel, screw, extruder die head, the temperature control part of the machinery and the equipment, the transmission part, and control part of the plastic extruder as well as the body frame.

The power system of the plastic extruder should be determined according to the design of the screw because the temperature and the extrusion pressure required for the plasticization of the plastic in the screw barrel are directly related to the design of the machine and equipment screw.

Most plastic extruders use heating plates or heating rings to heat the machinery and equipment and cool down the machinery and equipment by air cooling.

All of this require sensors to transmit the temperature to the control system in real-time. Plastic extruders are widely used and have many types, but the basic composition of plastic extruders is mostly the same.

Our plastic extruder can produce pipes, films, holding materials, monofilaments, flat yarns, straps, extruded nets, plates, profiles, granulation, cable coating, and other plastic molding auxiliary. They can form various plastic extrusion lines to produce various plastic products.

Therefore, plastic extrusion molding machinery is one of the widely used models in the plastic processing industry, whether now or in the future.

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