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Does the Processed Particle of PVC Pipe Line Decompose?

Does the Processed Particle of PVC Pipe Line Decompose?

1. Treatment of particles in PVC pipe production line

The raw material is mainly high-density polyethylene, supplemented by a small amount of color masterbatch. During the processing of HD polyvinyl chloride winding pipe, plastic particles will not decompose and waste gas will not be generated, and solid waste can be recycled or comprehensively disposed.

The main method to inspect the welding quality of PVC pipe production line is the pressure detection method, that is, apply a certain water pressure or air pressure in the welded PVC pipe and keep the pressure for a certain time, and observe whether there is leakage and pressure drop to evaluate the welding quality of PVC pipe. This method can only detect large welding defects, but for small welding defects.

Large diameter high-density polyethylene (HD PVC) winding reinforced structural wall pipe takes the structural wall of PVC pipe production line as the main structure and is formed by thermal winding. From the melting of PVC particles (definition: the change process of material from solid to liquid) to the forming pipe, the product realizes high-temperature melting and forming, and the inner and outer walls are wound synchronously. The production technology is ahead of the world advanced level, which also determines the excellent technical performance of the product.

If it is not fully welded, we can not do it well, so quality accidents often occur in the repair and construction of PVC pipes. Therefore, the research on the joint defect detection technology of pipe hot fusion welding in PVC pipe production line is of great significance to the application of PVC pipe.

2. Applications of pipe production line equipment

The PE pipe extrusion line adopts the high-efficiency extruder for special HDPE and PE pipes, the screw adopts the structure with barrier and mixing head, and the barrel adopts the new slotted barrel, which has good plasticization and mixing effect, large extrusion volume and very stable.

Due to the hot melting and electric melting connection of PE pipe, the plastic pipe production equipment realizes the integration of the interface and the pipe, and can effectively resist the circumferential stress and axial impact stress caused by pressure. Moreover, the PE pipe made by PP PE extrusion machine does not add heavy metal salt stabilizer, the material is non-toxic, does not scale, does not breed bacteria, and avoids the secondary pollution of drinking water.

The operation and time of PVC pipe production line are programmed controlled by PLC, and a good man-machine interface is set. All process parameters can be set and displayed through the touch screen. A special extruder for marking line can be assembled to produce pipes with color marking line that meet the requirements of national standards.

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