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Perforating Machine  For Corrugated Pipe
Perforating Machine  For Corrugated Pipe

Perforating Machine For Corrugated Pipe

The perforating machine for the corrugated pipe is the equipment to punch bellows. The position, method and size of the punch are designed according to customer requirements. Bellows punching machine for punching, to solve the manual punching is difficult to ensure the position of punching uniform, affecting the uniformity of products, low efficiency.

The bellows punching machine includes the guide pipe, the punching wheel, the motor and the bracket. The bearing of the transmission device is connected with the bracket. The bellows will not be damaged during the punching process. Changing the punching wheel of the corresponding specification for different specifications and adjusting the different aperture range through the cylinder, a screw punching wheel pushing and punching at the same time, which can realize online and offline punching.


Features of perforating machine for corrugated pipe

I. Safety of drainage: The orifice is located in the trough of the wave, which is not easy to be blocked due to the bidirectional effect of the wave peak and the filter fabric, thus ensuring the smooth flow of the permeable system
2. corrosion resistance: compared with the soft spring drain pipe, plastic is not easy to rust.
3. Organic combination of strength and pliability: the unique double ripple structure of the pipe perforation machine effectively improves the product's external pressure strength, and the drainage system will not be affected by the deformation of external pressure and drainage effect.
4. Economy: compared with other drain pipes of the same calibre, its price is lower.
5. Good drainage effect: the plastic collecting water dark pipe is bought into the ground at a depth of 0.5-1.0 meters. Generally, the storm rainfall of 50mm will not produce water after rain. The smaller the spacing is, the more precipitation is discharged, and the stronger the soil storage is.
6. High survival rate of vegetation: In the aspect of greening lawn, the success rate of turf transplantation is more than 98%, and the duration of green preservation is also extended accordingly. In the application of urban artificial forest, the dark pipe is erected around the root system to facilitate water infiltration into the soil, so that the survival rate of tree transplantation is greatly improved.
7. Long-term benefits from a single investment: the dark pipe is not only light in weight, low in cost, high in mechanical strength and good in the winding, but also convenient in construction. It can be arbitrarily constructed into a continuous underground pipe network with a service life of 30-50 years, making it an ideal underground engineering facility.

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