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Operation Steps and Key Points of Plastic Extruder

Operation Steps and Key Points of Plastic Extruder

The operation steps and key points of plastic extruder are very important, and what is the extrusion process of plastic? We all know how to operate. Let's learn about this process.

Ⅰ. Preparation before starting

1. The materials used for the extrusion of plastic extruder should meet the required drying requirements, and further drying is required if necessary.

2. Please select the specifications of the machine head according to the product type and size, and install the machine head in the following order, install the machine head flange, mold body, die, porous plate, and filter.

3. Connect the compressed air pipe, install the core mold electric heating rod and the head heating ring, and check the water system.

4. Adjust the die to make the gap uniform everywhere, and check whether the center lines of the plastic extruder main machine and auxiliary machine are aligned.

5. Start the operating equipment, check whether the operation is normal, and remove the fault in time.

6. Turn on the electric heater, heat the machine head, body, and auxiliary equipment uniformly. The temperature of the belt part is about 10 degrees higher than the normal production temperature, and keep the temperature for 30-60mins so that the temperature of inside and outside the machine is consistent.

Ⅱ. Boot operation

Starting up is an important part of the production. Poor control will damage the screw and machine head. Higher temperature will cause plastic decomposition, and lower temperature will damage the screw, machine head, and barrel.

Ⅲ. Shutdown operation

1. Turn off the feeding system and stop heating.

2. Squeeze the plastic in the plastic extruder as clean as possible for the next operation.

3. After the materials are empty, turn off the power of the host.

4. Turn off each section of heaters and cooling water pump power.

5. Close each inlet pipe valve.

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