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Process for Producing Polypropylene Film in an Extruder Line

Process for Producing Polypropylene Film in an Extruder Line

At present, polypropylene film in the plastics industry is produced by an extruder line. The extruder line is a production line with an extruder as the core equipment. Using this kind of production equipment that can continuously produce, large-capacity, and highly automated, plastic products The on-site operators and technicians of the plant need to understand some key points of process operation during production. We have prepared and shared some knowledge points for you, as follows:

1. In the plastics industry, when polypropylene film is produced on the extruder line, corona treatment is sometimes required in the production process sequence. We need to decide whether to use corona treatment according to the purpose of the film produced by the extruder.

2. Before the extruder line equipment is installed on the barrel, it is generally necessary to install a filter screen and a perforated plate. In actual use, the filter screen of the extruder is 80 mesh, 100 mesh, 100 mesh, and 80 mesh. Four layers, of which extrusion The mesh number of the filter screen in the middle when the film is machined is 120 meshes.

3. When the extruder line adopts the downward blowing method to form the polypropylene film, the die gap needs to be controlled within the range of 0.8~1.2mm, and the field operators need to pay attention to the uniformity of the die circumferential gap.

4. The air pressure control of the inflation mold base in the extruder line needs to be stable. The inflation ratio of the diaphragm to be blown into the film bubble designed by the technicians should not exceed 2, and the draft ratio of the equipment should be controlled at between 2~3.

5. The temperature of the circulating cooling water used in the film bubble cooling and shaping used in the extruder line needs to be between 15 and 20 °C, and the cooling water flow control should be balanced. If the water temperature is too high, the transparency of the film will be affected, and if the water temperature is too low, the film will become sticky, and the field operator can adjust the actual water temperature accordingly.

6. The winding method of the finished film in the extruder line needs to be determined according to the dimensional shrinkage change of the product within 24 hours, and the influence on the appearance quality of the product.

7. If the film produced by our extruder line is used for food packaging, this film needs to comply with the GB9688-1988 standard. Among them, the sensory index requirements for the resin are: normal color, no peculiar smell, odor, and foreign matter.

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