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SJ Series High Efficiency Single Screw ExtrudersGlu
SJ Series High Efficiency Single Screw ExtrudersGlu
SJ Series High Efficiency Single Screw ExtrudersGlu

SJ Series High Efficiency Single Screw Extruders

1. Single screw extruder is fetured in high production capacity and high-velocity extrusion, and low-temperature plasticization design guarantees  production warranty.

2. Two stages style unitary design of single screw extruder which reinforces plasticization capacity guarantees high performance and high velocity extruding.

3. BM type synthetic blending design, the particular kind of barrier, guarantees mixing effect.

4. Plastic single screw extruder has high twisting force output and the huge thrust bearing.

5. The gear and shaft of plastic single screw extruder is high-intensity alloy steel which are treated by the cementite and tooth grinding.

6. Other characteristics is like high hardness , clean degree and extremely low noise.


SJ Series High Efficiency Single Screw Extruder Specification

Model ltem







Length diameter patio







Main motor power







Heating power







Cooling mode

Fan water cooling

Max extruding capacity







Performance & Advantages of SJ Series High Efficiency Single Screw Extruder

PLC intelligence control  of high efficiency single screw extruder achieves the linkage action of main machine and auxiliary.

Man-machine interface is easy to supervise the production process and the machinery condition.

Control mode (temperature control meter) may be replaced in the light of requirements.

Material character is 38 CRMoALIA through nitrogen treatment.

High efficiency single screw extruder has strict temperature control accuracy as well as wind cooling and water cooling unite.

Single screw extruder is equipped with the distinctive feeding inlet with consummate water-cooling unit design.

The barrel with channel surface feeding base suit has the function of increasing capacity, which ensures high efficiency and production capacity.

How does a Single Screw Extruder Work?

Here are five steps introducing the single screw extruder machine working principle:

Step 1: feed resin or pellets

The polymer, as a powder or granule, is continuously fed into the extruder barrel from the hopper.

Step 2: Resin melting

The heated barrel melts the polymer and transports the material through the mold.

Step 3: The actual extrusion process

The screw channel exerts force on the polymer through the rotating screw, while the stationary barrel exerts a destructive force on the rotating polymer and causes the polymer to slide slightly on the surface of the screw.

Step 4: Cooling

After passing through the mold, your plastic will pass through the cooling zone.

Step 5: Final finishing process

It involves finishing touches to your plastic. This includes drilling, printing, bending or cutting.


Use of Single Screw Extruder

1. Plastic pipe extrusion: suitable for PP-R pipes, PE gas pipes, PEX cross-linked pipes, aluminum-plastic composite pipes, ABS pipes, PVC pipes, HDPE silicon core pipes and various co-extruded composite pipes.

2. Sheet extrusion: suitable for the extrusion of PVC, PET, PS, PP, PC and other profiles and sheets. Extrusion of various other plastics such as silk, rods, etc.

3. Profile extrusion: adjusting the speed of the extruder and changing the structure of the extrusion screw can be used to produce various plastic profiles such as PVC and polyolefin. Modified granulation: It is suitable for blending, modifying and enhancing granulation of various plastics.


Single Screw Extruder Process

The single screw extruder machine includes extrude, drive, heating system three parts. The extrude system  make high polymer material melt average, achieve glassy to viscous state, under certain pressure, be extruded to head die, so this system is important to forming and output. It includes feeder device,barrel and screw. It is the vital part, the screw is the heart of single screw plastic extruder, the material is moved by the screw's rotary and get the pressure and partly heat.

The drive system usually includes motor, reducer and bearing. The main effect is to drive the screw, supply the screw extrude process with torque and rotary force. During the extrude process, it requires screw rotary speed stable and not changeable with the burden of screw which can guarantee the products' average quality.  In different condition, the screw need to change speed so as to adapt the requirement of different material and shapes. During most extruder the speed of screw is changeable by adjusting motor speed, the drive system set excellent lubrication system and swift stop device.

Heating and cooling system of the extruder is made up heating and cooling system, it is the requirement of extrude process, the heating and cooling device can guarantee the high polymer material melt into forming process's needed temp, condition. The cooling device is installed the bottom of the barrel screw and feeder hopper. The barrel cooling can adopt water cooling and wind cooling ways. General extruder mostly adopt wind-cooling. The large extruder mostly adopt water-cooling or both of them ways. Screw cooling adopt center water cooling, the purpose is to increase material's convey speed, make the output stable and improve the products' quality. The cooling device at the bottom of the hopper is to intensify material's convey function which avoid pellets adhesive caused feeder mouth jam, so can effect feeder speed. 

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