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Maintenance Attention of PE Pipe Extrusion Line and Analysis of Electrical Insulation Wire

Maintenance Attention of PE Pipe Extrusion Line and Analysis of Electrical Insulation Wire

Ⅰ. What should be paid attention to in the maintenance of PE pipe extrusion line?

In PE production machinery, PE pipe extrusion line is the most common equipment. In the process of utilization, we should test this PE pipe extrusion line on schedule. Today, we will introduce to you what you should pay attention to in the maintenance process.

1. Check the ground wire connection, insulation of electrical components and aging of wires on schedule.

2. Regularly check the robustness of the lubrication system, lubricate the moving parts as required, and check whether the oil volume of the lubricating pump oil tank and the base oil tank is sufficient. PE pipe extrusion line adopts high-efficiency extruder for special HDPE and PP pipes. The screw adopts the structure with barrier and mixing head, and the barrel adopts a new stable slotted barrel, which has good plasticization and mixing effect, large extrusion volume.

3. Often check whether the safety device of the machine is effective, especially after changing the mold, check whether the mechanical safety has been adjusted accordingly.

4. Regularly check the condition of oil filter screen or filler, wash and replace it in time, and often pay attention to whether the oil quality is contaminated or deteriorated. When the hydraulic oil turns black brown and gives off odor, it is an indication of oxidation and deterioration. The hydraulic oil should be updated as soon as possible. When there are small freckles or crystal transmission points in the hydraulic oil, it indicates that impurities or metal powder are mixed, and the oil should be filtered or replaced.

Ⅱ. Electrical insulation of PE pipe extrusion line

When welding the PE pipe extrusion line, if the pipe is directly hot-melt butt welded with the pipe with different wall thickness, it can not guarantee the bonding between the two and affect the docking quality because with the same heating temperature of the hot plate, the different cross-sectional area of the hot-melt zone of the pipe, and the same applied welding pressure, inconsistent weld crimping will be caused.

The most common cause is the incorrect positioning of the pipe in the pipe fitting: the insertion depth is not in place and the axial direction is not aligned; Or there is a large deviation in the size matching between the pipe and the pipe fitting, such as the out-of-roundness of the pipe greatly exceeds the standard; In addition, when there is water at the connection between the electric melting pipe fitting and the pipe or when heating, the light is too long, so that the two resistance wires contact when swimming inside the pipe fitting.

When the exposed wiring fittings are used, the resistance wire is oxidized or brought out when it is inserted. The resistance wire is improperly selected and heated immediately, resulting in local carbonization and short circuit.

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