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Process of the PVC Pipe Production Line and Characteristics of Materials' Forming

Process of the PVC Pipe Production Line and Characteristics of Materials' Forming

China's PVC pipes have developed rapidly in recent years, with an annual growth rate of 8%, while the annual growth rate of demand is 2%. Among plastic pipes, the PVC pipe has been far ahead in terms of consumption, and it is widely used as water supply and drainage pipes. Due to the relatively mature technology, investors have not invested much in product innovation of PVC water supply pipes in recent years, and there are relatively few new products. There are many ordinary products on the market, but few high-tech and high-value-added products. Similar general-purpose products and low-end products account for the majority but high-end products are few.

1. Technological process of PVC pipe production line

Raw material in production process + auxiliary preparation → mixing → conveying and feeding → forced feeding → conical twin-screw extruder → extrusion die → sizing sleeve → spray vacuum setting box → immersion cooling water tank (components: high water tank, water storage tank, low water tank) → ink printing machine → crawler tractor → knife lift cutting machine → pipe stacking rack → inspection and packaging of finished products.

2. Material forming characteristics of PVC pipe production line

(1) The plastic pipe extrusion line is easy to connect

Polyethylene pipes mainly adopt the method of hot melt connection and electrofusion connection to integrate the piping system. It has good resistance to water hammer pressure, and the welding joint integrated with the PVC pipe production line and the polyethylene pipe have effective resistance to underground movement and end load, which greatly improves the safety and reliability of water supply and improves the utilization rate of water. Amorphous material has low moisture absorption and poor fluidity.

To improve flow and prevent air bubbles, the plastic can be pre-dried. The casting system of the mold should be thick and short, the gate section should be large, and there should be no dead corners. The mold must be cooled and the surface chrome plated.

(2) Due to its corrosiveness and fluidity, it is best to use special equipment and molds. All products must be added with different types and quantities of additives as required.

(3) The PVC pipe production line adopts a specially designed multi-stage vacuum sizing box to ensure the dimensional stability and roundness of HDPE and PE pipes. Extruder and tractor adopt imported governor and controller of famous brands with good stability, high precision, and high reliability. It is very easy to decompose, and it is easier to decompose when it is in contact with steel and copper at a temperature of 200 degrees. Corrosion and irritating gases are overflowed during decomposition. The molding temperature range is small.

(4) When using a screw injection machine nozzle, the aperture should be large to prevent materials from being left in dead corners. Preferably there should be no inserts. If there are, it should be preheated.

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