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Plastic Pipe Production Line

Plastic Pipe Production Line

This plastic tube production line developed by Kailite,a professional plastic pipe production line manufacturers, is featured of unique structure, a high degree of automatic, easy operation and stable reliable continuous manufacturing performance can meet all kinds of plastic pipe production needs.

Plastic Pipe Production Line List

How to Extrude PVC Pipe?

1. Mixing material of the mixer: PVC powder + additives

2. Load the mixture into the feeder through the screw loader

3. Melt the mixed material through a conical twin screw machine  (especially designed for PVC powder)

4. Extrude the molten material into a rough tube shape through an extrusion die

4. In the vacuum cooling machine, it is better shaped by water and vacuum cooling and blowing the tube

5. Pull down the pipe at the same extrusion speed to control the production speed and pipe thickness

6. Use a cutter to cut the tube into a customized length (fix the length with a limit switch or a rotary encoder)

7. Automatic loading and unloading of pipes by stacker (controlled by limit switch)


PVC Pipe Extrusion Process

1. Melting of raw plastics

The plastic raw materials are loaded into the hopper and then fed into the extruder machine.

The molten plastic material is moved through the extruder by rotating bolts. It is important to note that some extruders can have one or two rotating bolts.

2. Molten plastic filtration

The molten raw material flows down from the feed hopper through the feed throat and flows to the large spinning screw running in the horizontal barrel of the micro single screw extruder.

In a horizontal bucket, the molten material is filtered to ensure a uniform consistency.

3. Sizing of molten plastic

The performance of the plastic material will vary according to the material it is made of. However, relative to the type of raw material passed, the raw material is processed by heating it at a specific temperature.

After processing, the molten plastic is pushed into a small opening called a mold. This allows the material to be sized or shaped to the desired final size.

4. Process

The die cutting for specific plastic profiles is designed to help smooth and even flow from the cylindrical profile of the extruder to the final profile shape.

The consistency of plastic flow is essential to obtain a high-quality and reliable final product.

5. Cooling of processed raw materials

When the plastic is extruded from the mold, it is transported to a conveyor belt for cooling. The finished product can be cooled by air or water.

How Long do Plastic Pipes Last?

The plastic pipes extrude speed is different, by plastic pipe extrusion, i make a excel sheet to express the time, plastic pipe making machine can be used to produce corrugated pipes of PP/PE/PVC/EVA/PA continuously. Plastic single wall corrugated pipes have features of high temp. Resistance, corrosion and abrasion resistance, high intensity and good flexibility,etc. They  are widely used in fields of auto wire harness,electric thread-passing pipe, circuit of machine tool, protective of lamps and lantern wire, tubes of air conditioner and washing machine etc.


Pipe diameter


Extruder model

Motor power(kw)

Production speed (m/min)

Mold pairs

Vaccum pump(option)



































Which Plastic Pipe is Best?

At present the high speed corrugated pipe making machine is gradually better and better, can produce PP PE PVC EVA PA ect material.

Single wall corrugated pipe continuously. We design new technology,replace the traditional chain forming machine. The appearance and precision of single wall corrugated pipe have improved greatly. The production line is driven by gears, and the mould runs in the track. It is equipped with an automatic lubrication system and a closed forced water cooling system to achieve high-speed production.The plastic pipe production line is different due to different material.

Features & Advantages of Plastic Pipe Production Line

Main extruder has advantages of wide adjustment range, high precision, convenient operation and so on.

The haul-off is specially designed by our company with a fast and smooth movement for the big profile.

The vacuum calibration tank adopts a special cooling system to ensure the sizing effect.

The moving speed of the cutter and haul-off are synchronous and the speed is controlled by PLC computer.

According to different molds, calibration tank of 4m, 6m, 8m and 11m can be chosen.

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