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The Maintenance of the Pipe Extrusion Line Cannot Use Brute Force

The Maintenance of the Pipe Extrusion Line Cannot Use Brute Force

Ⅰ. What is a pipe extrusion line?

The pipe extrusion line is a new type of green pipe formed by extruding a composite anticorrosive, hygienic, non-toxic inner and outer plastic layer on the surface of the thin-wall welded pipe. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high pressure bearing, low fluid resistance, long service life, low cost, and wider application range.

The pipe extrusion line is mainly used for low-speed heavy cutting or high-speed light cutting. It also considers the rigidity of the CNC pipe extrusion line, the self-protection device of the CNC pipe extrusion line, the tool magazine of the CNC pipe extrusion line, the control system of the CNC pipe extrusion line. Users have to figure out all of them, so that they can buy the most suitable pipe extrusion line for the enterprise.

Ⅱ. The use of pipe extrusion line

When the pipe extrusion line is in use, a small amount of plastic residues will appear in key parts, such as the machine head, water tank and mold, and there will be residues in the mold and the machine head after molding to the shutdown process, so the first task after shutdown It is to maintain these parts. When maintaining the equipment, be careful not to connect the equipment to the power supply. The equipment must be disconnected from the power supply to ensure the safety of the operators. When the extruder line is maintained, brute force should not be used, and the rotating operation and cleaning should be carried out according to the principle of the equipment, and the dirt can not be removed forcefully.

Ⅲ. The purpose of the pipe extrusion line

1. Residential use: 

Cold, hot water and heating for residences and villas.

2. Public buildings: 

Water supply and floor radiant heating for public buildings such as office buildings, markets, theaters, and military camps.

3. Transportation facilities: 

Piping for airports, passenger stations, parking lots, garages, and expressways.

4. For animals and plants: 

Piping for zoos, botanical gardens, greenhouses, and chicken farms.

5. Sports facilities: 

Cold and hot water pipes for swimming pools and saunas.

6. Sanitary use: 

Piping for water supply pipes and hot water pipes.

7. Others: 

Industrial water pipes.

Ⅳ. The performance of the pipe extrusion line

The pipe extrusion line has good mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance. It is light in weight during use, easy to install, and does not require maintenance. However, the use of steel as the sewer pipes of public works is easy to corrode during use, and paint must be frequently applied, which results in high maintenance costs.

Generally, metal pipes used in construction and public works need to be replaced after about 20 years, and well-processed PVC pipes have a service life of up to 50 years. Therefore, the pipe extrusion line is a good plastic product with low production cost, high strength and corrosion resistance.

pipe extrusion line is equipped with a quantitative feeding device, so that the extrusion volume can be matched with the feeding volume, and the stable extrusion of the product is ensured. Due to the characteristics of the conical screw, the feeding section has a larger diameter, and the heat transfer area and shear speed of the material are relatively large, which is conducive to the plasticization of the material. The small diameter of the screw in the metering section reduces the heat transfer area and the melt. The shear speed enables the melt to be extruded at a lower temperature.

When the screw rotates in the barrel, it plasticizes the PVC mixture and pushes it to the head. The pipe extrusion line achieves compaction, melting, mixing and homogenization; and achieving the purpose of exhaust and dehydration. The feeding device and screw drive device adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, which can realize synchronous speed regulation.

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