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Introduction to the Working Principle of Plastic Extrusion Line

Introduction to the Working Principle of Plastic Extrusion Line

Ⅰ. Working principle of plastic extrusion line

The extrusion molding of the plastic extruder line is a process in which a plastic material with a certain plasticity is continuously pressed out through a mouth under certain conditions, so that it becomes a product with a certain cross-sectional shape.

In the process of moving the rubber material along the screw in the extrusion line, the viscosity and plasticity of the rubber material have changed to a certain extent as a result of mechanical action and thermal action, and become a viscous fluid.

Ⅱ. The process of plastic extrusion line

According to the change of the rubber material in the extrusion process of the extruder line, the working part of the screw is generally divided into three parts: feeding section, compression section and extrusion section according to its different functions.

1. The extrusion screw of the plastic extrusion line adopts the optimized design of Japanese extrusion technology, which can adapt to the processing of materials with high heat sensitivity, excellent fluidity, and high melt viscosity. Under the premise of ensuring good plasticization, it can meet high-speed and stable output;

2. The extruder line adopts a high-pressure volumetric pipe die head, which enables the die head to have greater melt pressure, improves the quality of the pipe, and can ensure more stable extrusion of the material;

3. The main body of the stainless steel vacuum cooling water tank of the extruder line is bent and formed by SUS304 stainless steel; the water tank frame adopts a screw lifter device, which can be adjusted in three dimensions up and down, left and right, and is easy to operate; it adopts high-quality liquid ring vacuum pumps to provide stable vacuum negative pressure; equipped with stainless steel water storage tank and centrifugal water pump, which can form a water circuit with the external cold water supply.

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