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Marble Decorative Rib Equipment

Marble Decorative Rib Equipment

PVC stone plastic line/imitation marble extrusion line. For the production of PVC stone-plastic lines, waistlines, corners, stone baseline products, the use of domestic advanced extrusion equipment, heating extrusion of a whole moulding. Appearance is treated by four layers. The first layer is the hot-stamping transfer technology for appearance. Appearance pattern never falls off. The second layer is the primer protection layer, the third layer is an anti-skid layer, and the fourth layer is a wear-resistant layer. Single screw and twin screw extruders are used to extrude stone plastics products with vivid and beautiful lines, super-strong wear resistance, bright and non-slippery surface, non-toxic environmental protection, wear resistance, scratch resistance, anti-slippery, waterproof, fire protection and so on. There are two kinds of structures: homogeneous permeability and composite structure. Homogeneous and transparent stone-plastic line/stone-plastic floor is made of PVC and marble powder with additives. This kind of floor has poor pollution resistance, wear resistance, single color and poor dimensional stability, but its low price is widely used by users. Composite stone-plastic line/stone-plastic floor has a multi-layer structure. The surface is treated by UV, color layer, stone-plastic layer and base layer. The floor wear resistance, stain resistance and dimensional stability are better than those of concentric and permeable stone-plastic floor.


Product uses and characteristics OF marble decorative rib equipment

  1. Green environmental protection, no formaldehyde and other non-toxic and harmless, no radioactive pollution, no pollution to the environment, is a green environmental protection product, can be recycled.

  2. Super wear resistance: PVC floor surface has a special transparent wear resistance layer processed by high technology, which has super wear resistance. Therefore, in hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, transportation and other places, PVC floor is more and more popular.

  3. Waterproof, moisture-proof, water does not deform, anti-skid PVC material, strong anti-skid, can eliminate the worries of the elderly and children.

  4. Toughness and elasticity: impact resistance, feet feel comfortable.

  5. High safety, insulation, flame retardant, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, 5% acetic acid. 5% hydrochloric acid, no abnormal surface. Five seconds from the flame can extinguish itself. The service life can be longer than 20 years.

  6. Novelty design, a variety of color options, gorgeous color, a natural lifelike, arbitrary combination of color modelling, highlighting personality color, fast and convenient installation, easy to saw, planer, nail, viscose paint-free construction.

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